Veterinary Services

At Maroa Track Pet Hospital, our team of dedicated experts offer a range of services to give your pet the best possible care available.

Routine Pet Care

Our animal hospital provides physical exams ($50), vaccinations (canine -$25 each except Flu $35; Feline $25 each ), puppy/kitten packages ($250), microchips ($45 include registration), screening snap tests, flea and heartworm prevention and education.

Animal Dermatology

Itchy pet? We provide care for many dermatological issues such as allergy control, examining or testing growths, ear cleaning and cytology.

Diagnostics and Treatment

Maroa Track Pet Hospital is equipped with many high quality diagnostic instruments. We offer in- house blood work, digital x-rays, cytology, ECG reading and blood pressure monitoring.

Pet Pharmacy

Our in-house pet pharmacy makes it easier to fill your pet's prescription medications. We can also fill prescriptions at desired outside pharmacies for your convenience.

Animal Health Certificates 

Planning a trip with your pet? To properly transport your animal, you will need a Health Certificate. The certificate indicates that your pet has been examined by a veterinarian, has appropriate vaccinations, and isn't carrying any diseases that could be transmitted to any animals or humans. Make sure to ask for a Health Certificate at least 10 days prior to traveling.

Pet Surgery

We offer many surgeries that include spay, neuter, cesarean section, mass removals, emergency surgery, laceration repair, gastrointestinal surgery, and some orthopedic procedures.

Dog and Cat Dental Care

Your pet's oral health is a big deal to us. We offer anesthetic dental cleaning and polishing, tooth extractions, and oral mass removal.

Emergency Vet

Our animal hospital provides an On-Call Veterinarian service after hours, and our services are regularly priced even during weekends!

Pet Euthanasia

During euthanasia, we make sure your pet is very comfortable (In-home euthanasia available depending on our schedule). We provide options of private or group cremation and paw prints.